Tuesday, April 5, 2011

"Dear Dark-Haired Love"

This poem was disturbing. The poem exemplifies a gay relationship. In the line, “our love’s on the wrong side of the gospel” suggests that the narrator is aware that having this relationship is wrong. According to the Bible, it says that having a gay relationship is forbidden. I am also aware that there are other things that are forbidden as well, yet people still sin because we are sinful by nature. However, I do not like that the narrator blatantly says that “our kisses open Christ’s wounds up.” I understand that sinning is not a good thing; however, what Christ did on the cross was the most important thing in human history. All of our sins are forgiven because of what Christ did. When the narrator mentions that he is now opening Christ’s wounds, it sounds a little too harsh. Also, when the narrator said “don’t tell a soul,” it emphasizes that what they are doing is wrong. However, God knows exactly what you are doing so get over trying to hide anything. Through certain images of Jesus Christ, we have this idea that Jesus had dark hair. I thought it was funny that the narrator mentioned “dear dark-haired love” because Jesus had the same hair. So what is the author trying to say here? You obviously do not care about your actions and you could care less about what Christ did for you, so why mention something so specific? God intended for love between man and woman for obvious reasons. That reason is to not only get married but to reproduce and raise children. You cannot reproduce through men. I am perfectly fine with gay people, but that 2nd line in the poem was quite harsh.

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