Monday, April 4, 2011

A Strange Admittance

Within Dear Dark-Haired Love and A Fresh Dimension Cathal O Searcaigh diplays strong sexual theme, both heterosexual and homosexual. Beginning with Dear Dark-Haired Love Cathal uses a homosexual theme twisted with a sense of irony. In what appears to be a monologue to his dark-haired love, he states "don't tell a soul-our love's on the wrong side of the gospel." This line works as both a command, but also as a declaration of awareness. He is acknowledging that his love is misplaced, at least in the eyes of the surrounding culture, likely deeply influenced by Christian philosophy. Though some would debate this, it is commonly acknowledged that homosexuality is restricted by the Christian God; therefore it seems strange that Cathal would essentially acknowledge openly his, per faith, error.

Then in A Fresh Dimension we are exposed to a truly fresh dimension in the sexuality of Cathal. Though love is a driving theme throughout the poem, it is never definitively stated who it is towards (though clues to the object of desire being female). However, in the closing lines Cathal states, "Shelter me here between the bright causeway of your legs, add a fresh dimension to my poem." As we were presented with Dear Dark-Haired Lover before this, we are able to bring in the knowledge of Cathal's homosexual love. This knowledge, combined with the desire to be between the legs of his loves and gaining that female love, allows us to understand the meaning presented.

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  1. In response to "Dear Dark-Haired Love" I think it isn't "strange" that Cathal exposes his belief because it seemed quite obvious that he is against what the Bible says about homosexuality. I do agree that he feels that his love is misplaced in Christian Philosphy however I did not particularly like how he went so far as to state that "it opens Christ's wounds up." I think he is aware that what he is doing is a sin according to Christian Philosophy, however I feel that he is completely against Christian Philosophy. I do not understand why he could have only said that "it's on the wrong side of the Gospel" because we are all sinful however I feel that he is just plainly disrespecting what Jesus did on the cross. Jesus suffered and died for our sins on the cross and I feel that Cathal does not respect that. I am not against homosexuality, but if Cathal thinks it is alright to attack Christian Philosphy along with what Jesus did on the cross, then I feel he is not respecting himself. If Cathal claims to understand/know what love is through his homosexual partner, then he would atleast respect that Jesus was a true man of "love."