Monday, February 28, 2011

The Arch

As everyone knows, it is pretty much a cardinal sin for Wabash students to walk under the arch in between the Sparks Center and Goodrich Hall. The legend has it that a Wabash student failed comps and hung himself from the arch. The tradition of not walking under the arch stems from the aspirations of Wabash students. After the time spent here, failing comps is not an option. It makes it seem as if it has all been a waste. Walking under the arch allows the fate of the student from the past to befall the student commits the act. To be seen walking under the arch has also attained the status of a social taboo. Even if a student walks under the arch and does not care about the tradition, chances are the students that see him do it will ridicule him. So, even if a student does not believe in the tradition, he may avoid walking under the arch to avoid the social stigma attached to the act.

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