Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Karintha is the story of a young girl who is adored by both young and old men because of her astonishing beauty. While the men are very attracted to her they are waiting until she gets a bit older before they completely reveal their feelings to her. At her age Karintha just wants to run and play but the attention she receives by the men causes her to grow up entirely too fast. She is lead onto a path by these men which she has seemingly has no way of changing. It is though she is led on this course because of the circumstances she is in, or by fate.

When Karintha finally becomes of age everyone who is fond of her begin making advances towards her. At this point “old men could no longer ride her hobby-horse upon their knees. But young men counted faster” (4). She was still a young woman but the men who she had attracted were tired of waiting for her to mature completely. Karintha ends up having relations with a number of the men but she has contempt for them because they have made her grow up too soon. She hates them because of the path they put her on. Entranced by her beauty and enthralled in trying to be with her the “men did not know that the soul of her was a growing thing” (4) and their actions caused her to become hardened and lose the joy of childhood. This story shows a possible outcome that the beauty of youth can bring about. It shows the hardships that come when one cannot escape their unfortunate surroundings.

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