Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Commercial Is Not Meant To Be Offensive

I personally did not see the Pepsi Max commercial as being offensive, but humorous. While I can see where some people may be offended I believe that Pepsi’s goal was to make a funny commercial to appeal to its audience. It is true that humorous commercials are really popular right now. Sure the main characters of the commercial were African American, but it feels as though this was done to add adversity to their commercials (I believe that Pepsi aired another commercial during the Superbowl featuring a white couple).

Though I did not find the commercial offensive, I think that it was said best in class (by Reed I think) that the commercial can be offensive if you want it to be. However, this can be said about a lot of advertisement. There was a mention of a stereotype of African-American women being mean and/or angry. When I watched this commercial I was unaware of this stereotype, but now that it is present in my mind I am still saying that this is not the case. I am sure that everybody can agree that the wife would not be that extreme. Therefore, I think that Pepsi’s intention was just to make the commercial funny.

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