Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pepsi Max

I do not take this Pepsi Max advertisement to be offensive. It is supposed to be a funny commercial which focuses on aspects of relationships. Although it can probably be taken as racist or sexist, I do not believe that those were Pepsi’s intentions. It does make one reflect on the idea that any publicity is good publicity though. If their intentions were to make a controversial advertisement, which could offend women and African Americans, than they prevailed. Some repercussions from the advertisement are that nearly 100,000 people have watched the YouTube video of it, many people have blogged to express their offense from the ad, and a number of news stations have done pieces on it. I wonder how many of those people have tried a Pepsi Max. Could all of this turmoil actually be helping Pepsi advertise their product? Sure, the people who took offense to the ad might not buy Pepsi Max but the huge amount of publicity that the racism and sexism of the ad caused surely has to be helping the company in its promotions. Although I do not believe that the company was trying to make this commercial be offensive, it is notable that it has caused a great uproar. If the statement that any publicity is good publicity it true, then the offensive nature of the advertisement might be helping Pepsi further advertise and sell their product.

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