Monday, February 28, 2011

The Red "W"

One of the traditions here at Wabash College is to not walk across the Red "W" on the Allen Center floor. When I was a freshman, I was told to never walk on the "W" in the Allen Center. On one of the first days I was here at Wabash, I walked right on the "W". Thankfully one of the upperclassmen informed that I should never walk across the "W" again. Ever since then I have never walked across the "W" and it makes me cringe when I see people that do it. I am not sure if this tradition is as well known as some of the others, however it is one that I really enjoy. One of the reasons for this tradition is to respect the "W". The "W" represents something very meaningful to this college. It not only stands for Wabash, but everything that involves Wabash. That "W" is representative of what Wabash is all about. When you see a red "W" somewhere, it makes you think of Wabash. Unless you are from Wisconsin, but even their "W" is quite different than ours. When people walk right across the "W" it almost seems disrespectful because you are not honoring the "W" and what it stands for. What makes this a challenge though is that the "W" is located on the floor where people walk. If the "W" was on a wall or the ceiling then we would not have this problem and I think that it is great that it is positioned on the floor. Humans naturally have a tendency to look at the ground when they are walking and the "W" is one of the first things that stand out when you enter the Allen Center. I am not completely 100%, but I think this is the largest "W" that we have here on campus. I am not sure where there is a "W" like this anywhere else on campus. Anyways, I am hoping that people continue to follow this tradition because it does not take much effort to walk on either side of the "W".

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