Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Upon Further Review...

In Pepsi's "Love Hurts" Super Bowl add there were many stereotypes of both the Caucasian and African American race. However, when I first watched the commercial they were not that obvious. Instead this commercial appeared to be another "dumb" commercial in which Pepsi somehow found a way to make their sugar filled drink look acceptable within a healthy diet. Although they may have succeeded at that, they also succeeded at fulfilling multiple societal stereotypes that ought not be present in today's society. With that being said, I believe that is why it took me several times of watching the commercial to notice these stereotypes that are employed. First, there is the dominant black female, who rules with an iron fist, or shall I say aluminum can. Specifically within the couples relationship the women is the dominant figure. This is a stereotype often seen in black families where the one to fear is the women of the house, as she makes all the decisions for both the kids and the husband. That is the case here as she is making the decision about what it is he can and can't eat. The second stereotype fulfilled is that of the skinny blonde white girl who is fit and active at the end. This follows the age old stereotype of the "perfect girl." Every man has his image of a perfect woman, and society tells us that the woman is a skinny blonde who works out and is in shape. Pepsi fixes that image in our minds here with this portrayal of the girl in the end. These stereotypes get even more complex with the last scene of the commercial as the black women proceeds to KO the skinny girl with a Pepsi can to the forehead. Is this a sign of jealousy or envy? Or is this a sign of hatred? To me this was another stupid Pepsi commercial, but after watching it several times, there are many messages that can be taken away. I would have to say that Pepsi achieved a lot more with this add than they originally intended when the add was filmed.

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